Frequently Asked Questions about SFA Dress Code - Uniforms - Spirit Wear

What do students wear daily to school?

  • Students at SFA wear DRESS CODE shirts. Your SFA handbook has details - generally dress code shirts are polo shirts either with the SFA logo from the webstore, or plain polos with no brand logo/decoration. Dress code-approved apparel also includes the jackets, pullovers and sweatshirts available at the SFA webstore. 
  • Please refer to the handbook for approved dress code pants/bottoms, and feel free to reach out to parents, staff or Terri (email below) with any questions. Terri had kids at SFA for 20 years and can answer lots of questions!

What is spirit wear?

  • Spirit wear are shirts sold on the webstore, with proceeds benefiting SFA Home and School. Spirit wear is supported by the Spirit Wear committee and H&S. 
  • Spirit wear is worn on SPIRIT DAYS, and of course anytime your students wants to wear it outside of school
  • SPIRIT GEAR are non-apparel items such as stickers and tumblers, with proceeds also benefitting H&S

Does my student need a P.E. uniform?

  • P.E. uniforms are only required for middle school students, grades 6-8 grade.
  • P.E. uniforms consist of a unisex shirt and unisex pair of shorts. 

New to St. Francis? 

       New families can contact Terri McIlhon at for information on how to order PE uniforms. 


Click here for the UPDATED St Francis dress code.